Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF)


Victoria, Australia
Date Established (month/year): 2008
Size of business: Approximately 320 personnel



The Royal Australian Air Force is the second-oldest independent and permanent air force in the world (after Britain's Royal Air Force). The pilots of the Royal Australian Air Force receive their training at the RAAF base in Sale, Victoria.

Within the kitchen, an average of 1000 meals per day are served during breakfast, lunch & dinner for the flight officer’s training school and the RAAF Roulettes aerobatic team. The physically demanding regimen of their education means these pilots require both nutritious meals, and the security that these meals will be served when they need them.


Consideration of the kitchen setup layout included the need to produce multiple products at the same time along with the reliability of running equipment continuously without down-time. Meals served to the pilots need to be produced with the consideration in retaining the nutritional value from its origin sources as well as accommodating the service speed and quantities of servings.

A project of this size required considerable expertise - and Moffat’s experience with this type of assignment was indispensable. Moffat was chosen to assist based on expertise and knowledge in work flow planning. Working with the chefs to understand their elements on menu servings on a daily bases. Backed up with providing 24/7 service support and maintenance program – Moffat was the sound choice as a company that could provide a complete solution for the RAAF.

Now, the kitchen’s three chefs and six kitchen hands can deliver both quantity and quality fares to the approximate 320 RAAF personnel knowing pilots are fuelled with a tasty meal.

Equipment installed:
2 x Waldorf 800 Series Bratt Pans
7 x Waldorf 800 Series Fast-Fri Fryers
6 x Waldorf 800 Series Griddles
3 x Waldorf 800 Series Oven Ranges
6 x Convotherm Combination Oven Steamers
2 x Crown Kettles
1 x Rotel Mini Oven
13 x Rieber Heated & Non-heated Plate Dispenser